Learning French can greatly enhance your business and professional opportunities. If you know both French and English, you will be very competitive in the job market, not just in French-speaking countries but also with multinational corporations that have operations there or have business dealings with local companies.

There are 30 countries that use French as their official language and more than 220 million speak the language worldwide. In addition, speaking French allows you to get an education at some of the most renowned universities in France and other Francophone countries such as Canada and may even be eligible for state scholarships for post-graduate degrees. And if you choose to immigrate to a French-speaking country, you will also have a great advantage since you will be able to more easily assimilate as well as being able to communicate with the locals.

We will teach you French in the best way possible – by immersing you in the language. You will not only get the traditional classroom instruction in the language, you will also watch French-language movies and TV programs as well as listen to French music and audio content. You will also get to practice your French by conducting French-language conversations with French speakers as well as your fellow students.