English Courses for young Learners

The modern teaching methods used in these courses ensure that young learners will learn how to speak English naturally. These courses will give them the skills to communicate well in every situation. In addition, learning English grammar and vocabulary is made fun and exciting to make it easier for your child to master the lessons. In this course your child will:

  • Be more prepared for his school exams
  • Be able to build social skills
  • Be able to work on tasks that require good English skills such as drama projects, group classroom presentations, and online projects.
  • Improve his reading, writing and speaking skills
  • Improve his critical thinking skills

Pre-school (ages 3–6)

This is the age when children will most easily pick up new languages. This kind of exposure will enable them to pick up words and phrases easier than they would with organized grammar and vocabulary lessons.

Primary (ages 7–12)


Children in this age range are already developing as thinkers. It is a good time to teach them to express themselves in written and spoken English through more structured lessons.



Teenagers (ages 13–17)

The challenge of teaching teenagers is that it is hard to keep their attention. But, modern teaching methods will help keep them engaged by making it fun for them to learn English.

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